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Residential Purchase Options:


Prebuy: Our fixed price program is put out late spring/early summer each year.  This is a program where you pay for your fuel ahead of time in one, two, three or even seven payments!  Each option has a different fixed price per gallon depending on the number of installments. With the Prebuy option, your price is guaranteed until you have used all of your prepaid gallons or until the end of the program period (June 30th)  You will also be put on a worry free automatic delivery schedule. 



Automatic Delivery: This option allows us to use our degree day weather system to determine when your house will need oil.  You don't have to call us when you need fuel; we will come out to deliver on our own.  You will need a credit card on file with us and you will be billed out at the daily rate for that day.  With this option you won't have to worry about running out of heating oil on a cold winter day!


Will Call Delivery: This option allows you to call us when you need a delivery. Dime Oil Company will not be responsible for any run outs or any problems a run out may cause you.  You will be billed out at the daily rate when you call. 



Easy Pay Budget:  Pay for your oil in 7 or 10 monthly installments based on your annual usage. 


No matter which option you choose we accept all major credit cards, money orders, certified bank checks or cash. In order to keep our costs down and our prices low, personal checks will only be accepted on prepayment plans.

General Terms and conditions: Minimum delivery for 150 gallon price per gallon is 150 gallons, anything below that quantity may be billed out at the 100 gallon price for the date of delivery. Anything delivered below 100 gallons may be subject to a $40.00 service charge.  There is a $40.00 cancellation charge if you cancel an order already in process however if we receive your request to cancel your order before your credit card is charged and/or the driver is dispatched to your address we will waive this fee.  

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Commerical and Municipal Purchase Options:


Differential Contracts: fixed markup over a base price which changes daily with the market. Pricing is based on one of two industry standard publications: OPIS - Oil Price Information Service or Oil Price Daily (formerly Journal of Commerce).

Early Buy-Ins: this purchase method is offered as early as November allowing you the option of locking in before their budget numbers are set for the next fiscal year.


Short Term Purchase Buys: We offer short term contract buys with purchase terms of six months or less.

Automatic Buy Order: Set a predetermined price point and when the market hits that price it will trigger an automatic purchase on your behalf.  With this option, no need to worry about missing opportunities in the fast changing fuel oil market.

For additional info and payment options call (203)754-5334 or click on the link below

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